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How does McAfee scan for malware

Mar 15, 2019

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With a rapid rise in the number of cybercrimes, malware attacks or hacking cases, the digital world is no longer a secure place. Before you dig deeper into the ways for protecting against these online threats, it is quite essential to understand what malware is. Malware is a combined term of a number of software variants that further incorporates ransomware, Adware, Rootkit, spyware, worms, Trojans, spamware, and other viruses. Hackers or the cyber crooks inject such malware into URLs or files and make their target click or open them.

McAfee, the leading cybersecurity firm, offers highly advanced and effective security software (McAfee Livesafe, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Family Premier, etc.) to protect from all kinds of malware lurking in the internet world. Wondering how? Once you install and activate a McAfee antivirus from on your Windows or Mac device, it starts scanning your files, folders, and the websites you attempt to visit.

The antivirus sends you an immediate alert whenever it finds any suspicious activity. In addition to notifying you about the virus or any other threat, it also seeks your permission to take the appropriate action to throw the virus out of your device. Here is how McAfee scan works to prevent unauthorized access as well as the disruption of your data:

Background Scanning

McAfee antivirus (to manage this create an account at keeps on running in the background to make sure that every web page you open, every file you open, every email attachment you download, and every tool or software you download is malware-free. You can customize the scanning process by choosing from Quick Scan, Full Scan or Custom Scan.

The first scanning option covers up all Windows files along with the other susceptible threat zones. Full scanning includes checking out all files available on your computer system. On the other hand, the custom scan allows you to choose particular folders for the scanning process.

Here are some of the points you are advised to keep in mind to avoid the occurrence of malware:

  1. Pay attention to the links you click on
  2. Get a suitable McAfee antivirus, preferably anti-malware
  3. Avoid suspicious emails and don’t click on any URL included in it
  4. Scan every external device you connect to your device

Get a suitable McAfee antivirus and secure your digital world!

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